Are you a 3D modelling and do you want to interact with other modelers? The weekly Sketchfab challenge is a great way.

You can build a model and look at other peoples work on the Sketchfab forum and chat about your work. You can ask for feedback and improve your skills. Not all challenges are about modelling. There are also challenges where you have to make a texture on an existing model that Sketchfab makes available for download. You can find the weekly challenges here: Sketchfab Weekly Challenges

This is my entry for the Holograms of the Future challenge. Create a ‘Sci-Fi Hologram’ model for the Looking Glass 3D Model Importer and upload it with the tag #LookingGlassImporterChallenge. I used an Art Deco style to build an old phone boot with a Hologram sphere. The original idea also had a sad girl standing in front of the boot but I dropped that idea due to time constraints. (In plain English, I didn’t have enough time). Made with Blender3D.

by lumpapps
on Sketchfab

Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Holograms of the Future
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