Shove a Penny is a ye old board game originating in Shakespeare England where they used to play with Half Pennies. Later in history the Dutch made a game inspired by Shove ha Penny called Sjoelen. Hence the name Penny Shoel.

iOS: Penny Shoel

Can you get the max score of 156?

Penny Shoel HD for iPhone:

– Super HD Retina graphics
– Extra skin to unlock with the pick-a-skin system
– Intuitive and very addictive game play
– A cool intro and hand-drawn animations
– Original sounds and intro music
– High scores on Game Center
– Stacking of pucks after each round
– Pause game
– Restart game at any time
– Played by the Sjoelen official rules

Hint: Swipe the puck across the dotted line to release.

Simplified rules:

Taking turns the player with the highest score wins. Each turn consists of three rounds. The player slides all available pucks down the board aiming for the slots. After the first and second round, all pucks that did not go into a slot are returned to the player, the pucks that went in the slots should be stacked in the back of the slot.

After the third and last round the pucks in the four slots are totaled using the following scoring system.

Each puck is counted at face value until the player gets a set (1 puck in every slot) a set doubles the score for those 4 pucks (2+3+4+1=10×2=20) Getting as many sets as possible greatly improves your score.

Absolutely the most fun Dutch Shuffleboard (Sjoelen) game for iPhone!” – Jan de Molenaar

“Memories – My daddy hand-made one of these games when I was a kid! This app is exactly like it! It instantly brought back fantastic Friday game nights!! Super fun!!!” – Kim

“Going Dutch oldskool! – Nice game that brings back memories.” – Joris

“a great new App. Now you can Sjoel wherever you go” – Dutchgames US website

Our crown Prince Willem Alexander & his aunt played Sjoel on Queensday 2011!

Penny Shoel

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