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A multi-touch sensitive pandeiro (tambourine). The pandeiro is an instrument played in the bateria (capoeira band).

iOS: Pandeiro di Capoeira

iOS: Pandeiro di Capoeira (FREE version)

Interactive instructions on how to make four different sounds. The open sound, the slap sound, the rim sound and the bell jingle.

This app is a simulation and not meant to work like a real instrument, although it is close.
It is pure for fun, but whenever there is a Jogo (Capoeira game/match) starting spontaneously, you always have your instruments at hand!


The Pandeiro can be played by tapping or swiping your finger on the screen. You can make four sounds.
– Play with one finger or with your thumb to play an open sound.
– Use two or more fingers at once to play a slap sound.
– The rim sound is made by starting with one finger/thumb on the bottom-left of the screen. Slide up to make the sound.
The Rim sound is speed-sensitive, the faster you slide the higher the frequency of the rim sound.
– Rotate your iPhone to let the bellring jingle.
Play with the speaker outwards so your hand does not dampen the sound. You can play right or left handed.

Don’t hit your iPhone hard! Pandeiro plays just one volume.
And don’t drop it when you shake it.


New in version 1.1

– Pandeiro now comes with the rim sound!
– touch sensitive bell ring
– improved open, slap and ring sound
– new instructions
– improved HD retina graphics

Credits Video

Robert Tapia:

Pandeiro di Capoeira
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