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What you’ll learn
– creating your own buttons super fast in any style
– organizing buttons in one document
– to keep your buttons in a consistent style
– to use the appearance panel in Illustrator

Lecture 1 to 9 of the 1 Hour Button Master Course are now free on YouTube

Still using Adobe Photoshop or another raster graphics editor to create your buttons? Try this faster and more organised way. Using Adobe Illustrator is not that hard as you will find in this course. Get your workflow up to date in one hour!

In the end of this course you will not only be able to create beautiful buttons but also know how to keep them consistent in style. You will know easy ways to organize and export batches of buttons for your app, game or website with tremendous speed. My methods are so streamlined that you do not need an innumerable amount of layers. The only thing you need is the text of your button to create a complete button! Let’s not wait any longer and get started.

How to make and organize your buttons
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