I have been thinking about getting a cheap second hand Kinect for Mocap purposes for a while and this week I got a the first verion for 6 euro and a cable to connect it to my PC for 12 euro.

First thing I did was testing it with NI Mate and it’s Blender plugin to try some mocap. After trying Windows 10 and Mac OS with little result I tried my old laptop with Windows 8 and it worked fine there. I got some cubes moving on screen following my movement and also connected some bones to captured empties with success. Fun thing is you can both record your movement and use it live. Next thing I will try is have it moving an existing rig. But that is for later.

In the search for mocap software I came across this  video explaining 3d scanning with Kinect 1. So I tried that right away. To make it difficult instead of scanning a lifeless object I got on my knees in front of the Kinect and captures myself. I only took 8 grabs and I think the result is awesome. Including an added third eye. 🙂

After scanning I imported the mesh to blender. I also created a sloppy UV map and baked the colours to a texture. Then I exported the mesh to an FBX and uploaded it to Sketchfab. I did not know Sketchfab worked with vertex colours but apparently it does because without use of my texture the colour was already in the model. Cool!

Kinect 3d scanning
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