Mastering art creation for games and VR with Blender 2.8 from beginner to advanced, the comprehensive guide to game art creation in Blender 3d.

After a successful course for previous Blender 3d versions, here is the new course for Blender 2.80 and up. It took me over one year to produce and while the previous course was awesome, this one is even better!

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How awesome would it be to create your own game art or VR scene? Maybe you have tried Blender or another 3d application before but got overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Fear not, help is here!
My name is Ludwig and I have created this exciting course. I have helped game developers all over the world with their code and art with success. One of these games (Amico Ragnolo) even won an award! I have been a Blender user for over 8 years, like working with Unity, Unreal Engine and SketchFab. I would love to share my knowledge with you!

Content of this course

You will create a model in a stylized form like Fortnite, World of Warcraft or Dota2. You will only use Blender, so no Photoshop or other applications. You will not use any prefab textures but paint everything yourself. You will get your hands working as much as possible and most theory is woven into the hands-on practice so you will not be bored with long theoretic lectures. Each lecture you will learn more about how Blender works. You will not have to do the same over and over because every lecture you will learn new things. You will create materials and textures and learn how to apply them on your model. Then you will set up the lighting and learn how to render. In the end you will setup the model in a Sketchfab scene. Then you will setup VR in your SketchFab scene and you will be able to look around in your scene in VR*! It is also possible to view your scene with Augmented Reality** in SketchFab. This scene can be used to show friends, family and maybe more important be used in your portfolio!

You will learn

  • correct 3d terminology like vertex, edge, face, etc.
  • modelling
  • uv unwrapping
  • texture painting with techniques from the old masters
  • make particles
  • set up light
  • work with HDR backgrounds
  • upload and recreate your scene in Sketchfab

and a lot more!

Come and join me on an adventure! Don’t be afraid, it’s great fun!

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*For VR in Sketchfab a cardboard or better VR device with a mobile phone is needed **For AR in Sketchfab a mobile phone or tablet with a gyroscope is needed (for specifications see sketchfab)