The most fun Halloween App available.
iOS: Dr. Ludwig’s Evil Eyes

How to use:

• Choose 1 of the 4 evil or less Evil Eyes and make your custom Evil Eyes the easy to use Evil-Eyes-picker menu.
• Hold your iPhone in front of your face with the display outwards.
• Tilt from left to right to make the Evil Eyes roll.
• Tilt your iPhone forward to change the Evil Eyes expression.
• Scare your friends!

Other ways to use:

• AutopEyelot
– Choose Evil Eyes AutopEyelot (read autopilot) to let them move automatically.
– Put down your iPhone in a dark and scare your friends when they see Evil Eyes looking at them from the darkness.
• Hold Evil Eyes in front of your pet (only if he wants to, don’t hurt his feelings).
• Use Evil Eyes upside down for a funny look!

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Ludwig





Dr. Ludwig’s Evil Eyes
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